Pink Pepper Paloma

a tall pinkish cocktail with pink peppercorn and salt garnish on the rim
Pink pepper paloma pouch

Pink Pepper Paloma

El Jimador Blanco
Giffard Piment d’Espelette
Fresh Pinkgrapefruit Juice
Pink Peppercorn
Whole Lime Cordial
Sea Salt



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Palomas are a staple in our house. They should definitely be a staple in yours too.
It ticks all the flavour boxes. Sour, sweet, salty.

And we ticked all the pink boxes for this one too.

Pink Grapefruit
Pink Peppercorns
Pink Peppers
Pink Salt

If only we could somehow manage to squeeze the singer Pink into the box...

El Jimador Blanco is the Tequila of choice, because of it's mild earthiness without being overly vanilla. El Jimador is part of the Casa Herradura family of Tequila, made in Amatitan, Jalisco.

Fresh pink grapefruit juice is next along with our whole lime cordial.

This is rounded off with a pink peppercorn syrup and a touch of Giffard Piment d’Espelette. This is a liqueur made from the maceration of fresh whole Espelette peppers (the only pepper with their own AOC) along with a hint of Rhum agricole from Martinique. The Espellete peppers are mildly hot and fruity, adding heat and complexity to this Paloma, while the pink peppercorns add a lovely floral earthy note that really compliments the Mezcal.

A touch of pink sea salt tames the grapefruit's bitterness and gives the Pink Pepper Paloma a savoury-I-want-another-sip-immediately finish.

STYLE: Long Sour
FLAVOUR: Spicy, bitter, fragrant
ABV: 14.9%
UNITS: 1.9
SIZE: 125 ml
ALLERGENS: None known

Pop the bag in the freezer ½ hour. Rim a tall glass with sumac salt, add ice & pour over. Top with a bit of soda water. Garnish with a lime slice.
Alternatively enjoy without soda water for a more intense cocktail.

Pour the room temperature cocktail over some tiny cloudy ice you have in that ice tray that came with your freezer. But seriously, for optimum enjoyment use more ice than you think is necessary. 

Tall glass or rocks glass