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Covfefe Martini

Who doesn't like an Espresso Martini? We sure do. 


Swap in Tullamore Dew Irish Whisky for the vodka, a touch of Drambuie (Scotch & Herbs & Honey & Spice), Kuka Coffee Espresso Cold-Brew & Vanille de Madagascar and the like goes to LOVE.


We're excited to be using Kuka Coffee, based in Herefordshire.

They use rainforest alliance, single-origin specialty coffee beans and steep them for 20 hours without heat to gently extract the gentle sweetness of their coffee beans. And they give a hoot about the environment too (take a look at what they do here!)


Giffard's Vanille de Madagascar  is a superior vanilla liqueur made with vanilla beans from, Madagascar. No fake flavour here.


And unlike Trump, this isn't a recipe for disaster.


STYLE: Coffee Cocktail

FLAVOUR: Honeyed, bitter, intense, vanilla, coffee (duh)

ABV: 18%

UNITS: 2.3 

SIZE: 125ml

ALLERGENS: None known

VEGETARIAN/VEGAN?: Not vegan, Drambuie contains honey

Covfefe Martini


Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey


Kuka Espresso Cold Brew

Giffard Vanilla de Madagascar