Gin Springlet [JLL]

The Gimlet

Classic and always in style, kind of like Chanel.


But it can be super gross too. Like really bad. The problem lies in the lime cordial. A gimlet has to be made with lime cordial, but the one that most people reach for is pretty rank.


We fixed that by using our housemade whole lime cordial.

Combined with That Boutique-y Gin Company Rhubarb Triangle Gin, which uses only outdoor grown rhubarb from the Rhubarb Triangle, it is a smackingly good drink. This rhubarb gin made my toes tap the very first time I had it...none of the candied overly sweet stuff, this is tart, vibrant, and fresh. 


Finally basil. Basil loves to go brown, but it tastes so damn good. Determined to use it and not have the drink look like swamp water we found a solution. A tiny bit of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) keeps the green bright and lively without changing the flavour of the drink overall. So there's a lovely herbal, slightly anise flavour dancing in the background from the basil.


Seriously good stuff. 


STYLE: Tart & fresh

FLAVOUR: Citrusy, tart, herbal, fruits

ABV: 24.2%

UNITS: 2.4

SIZE: 100 ml

ALLERGENS: None known


Gin Springlet [JLL]

  • That Boutique-y Gin Company Rhubarb Triangle Gin

    Housemade Whole Lime Cordial


    Vitamin C (seriously, it helps keep the drink colour vibrant)

  • SERVE #1

    Pop the bag in the freezer ½ hour, shakey-shake (no ice!) & pour over a lots of ice in a rocks glass or stain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a basil leaf and if you are feeling extra, a rhubarb curl


    IT'LL DO

    Shake-shake-shake the bag. Pour the room temperature cocktail over some tiny cloudy ice you have in that ice tray that came with your freezer. But seriously, for optimum enjoyment use more ice than you think is necessary. 



    Large rocks glass or martini glass


    This drink might go slushy in the freezer. Just leave it out a minute or two before pouring.

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