Meadow Margarita [JLL]

"No I don't want a margarita" said no one ever.

HA, isn't that saying annoying?


A margarita may be one of the most perfect drinks there is. Simple, smashable, delicious. It's not hard to make a good one, but it's way to easy to make a bad one.


We've kept the recipe pretty straight forward.


Good tequila- El Jimador Blanco, nice grassy not overly vanilla


Orange liqueur- Giffard Orange Curacao, bright orange flavour, right sweetness


Lime- this is where we've changed it a touch. Instead of straight lime we are using our housemade whole lime cordial. Lime juice, lime peel, and sugar. Nothing else. 


Chamomile Tea- WHAT that don't belong in a margarita. We told you we were changing it just a touch. You'll notice this in the background where it adds a hay (sileage as my husband calls it) like aroma which really complements the tequila.


This is a bit of a softer style margarita, not the super citrusy eye watering number. F*cking dead tasty. 




FLAVOUR: Fresh, grassy, soft

ABV: 18.7%

UNITS: 2.15

SIZE: 115 ml

ALLERGENS: None known


Meadow Margarita [JLL]

  • El Jimador Blanco Tequila

    Giffard Orange Curacao

    Housemade whole lime cordial

    Chamomile Tea


    Pop the bag in the freezer ½ hour, pour over lots of ice in a rocks glass, garnish with an lime wedge.


    IT'LL DO

    Pour the room temperature cocktail over some tiny cloudy ice you have in that ice tray that came with your freezer. But seriously, for optimum enjoyment use more ice than you think is necessary. 



    large rocks glass or margarita glass


    This drink might go slushy in the freezer. HELL YAH, frozen margaritas baby!

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