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Meyer Lemon Sidecar

I am incredibly lucky to live right next to a fruit & veg market. Everyday, 8am, about 15 vendors roll out their carts with the day's offering. 

"Pound a bowl. Pound of bananas. Pound a bowl. Peppers for a pound. POUND A BOWL!"

Alright dude, we get it. It is a pound a bowl.


But see, the beauty of this market is, it's a 'seconds' market. I have no idea if that's the real name of how it operates, but it is the way to describe it that makes sense. Basically, the vendors go up to the BIG fruit & veg markets every morning and buy up whatever hasn't sold to the fancy restaurants and large grocery shops. 

What it means is

1) Everyday is a roulette wheel of what's going to be on offer

2) It's incredibly good value

3) Fruit and veg get a second chance instead of going to the bin


I shop there almost everyday, if for nothing else but to see what remarkable stuff they might have. In the time of COVID, more often fruit & veg once relegated only to London's top restaurants has shown up. It's AMAZING.


So on one of my morning walks over earlier this spring, I spotted out of the corner of my eye Meyer Lemons. I could smell them from about 5 meters away. The beautiful tangerine/lemon scent. Much deeper than a normal lemon, with more sweetness.


I asked the market trader if they were Meyer Lemons.

"I dunno, I ju