Pomegranate Cosmo

I just sat here for five minutes trying to think how to describe what pomegranate tastes like and I can't think of how. It's such a unique taste.

Slightly woody yet floral, fruity and rich, but somehow also tart and bright. Pomegranate tastes like pomegranate. And it's f*cking ace in a Cosmo. 



G52 Fresh Citrus Botanical Vodka, distilled with grapefruit, lemon, limes, and oranges as well as rosehip and spicy fresh ginger, is the base.

We press whole cranberries for our cranberry juice, none of that grocery store cranberry juice 'drink'.

Of course, the fresh pomegrante juice along with our housemade lime cordial.

Finally, Giffard Orange Curacao, because without it, it isn't a Cosmo!



FLAVOUR: Citrus, tart, slightly earthy floral

UNITS: 1.9

SIZE: 125 ml

ALLERGENS: None known


Pomegranate Cosmo

  • G52 Botanical Vodka

    Giffard Orange Curacao

    Housemade whole lime cordial

    Fresh-pressed cranberry juice

    Fresh pomegranate juice


    Pop the bag in the freezer ½ hour, pour into a bottle/shaker/jar with a lid and shake (no ice!) for 10 seconds. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orange twist.


    IT'LL DO

    Pour the room temperature cocktail over some tiny cloudy ice you have in that ice tray that came with your freezer. But seriously, for optimum enjoyment use more ice than you think is necessary. 



    martini glass

Four or more cocktails ship free with UK Tracked delivery! (otherwise only £3.50 delivery)