The Peculiar Pack [3/6]

Everyone has that one friend who orders the weirdest stuff on the menu when you go out to eat. 


I am that friend. 


Which is why there tends to be one or two kind of, peculiar drinks on the menu. To be totally honest, I would have even more & weirder cocktails, but my husband likes to remind me when a drink to getting too 'Steph'.


But I still sneak a few in. And I've decided to put them all in a box for the other adventerous drinkers out there. I promise, these drinks are all DELICIOUS, but they feature odd flavour pairings, unusual spices & herbs, or super funky spirits. 


Peculiar combos like this are often better in short, sipping drinks, so all three of these cocktails  are big and boozy. Bring on the intensity I say.


Why not take a punt and give them a go? You might just find your new favourite drink in here. 


One of each (option for two of each)


Sivar Negroni

The Birthday Old Fashioned


ABV: 21.9- 27.7%

UNITS: 2 - 2.2

SIZE: 75 - 100 ml

ALLERGENS: Sulphites (in vermouth)

VEGETARIAN/VEGAN?: Yes, bacon syrup is vegan


*It might seem like it's more expensive to buy The Peculiar Box, rather than the individual cocktails at first, but that's because we've included free shipping with The Peculiar Box, so it does work out cheaper. 

The Peculiar Pack [3/6]

Box Size
  • Kummerspeck

    Aluna Toasted Coconut Rum
    Pandan Infused Dark Matter Rum
    Nixta Licor de Elote
    Salted Caramel
    Cherry Bitters


    Sivar Negroni

    Ron Colón Salvadoreño 111 Coffee Infused Rum
    Londinio Aperitivo
    Londinio Red Vermouth


    The Birthday Old Fashioned

Four or more cocktails ship free with UK Tracked delivery! (otherwise only £3.50 delivery)