Watermelon Negroni

A negroni cocktails with watermelon as garnish
watermelon negroni in a pouch

Watermelon Negroni

58 Distillery Citrus Gin
Vittore Rojo Vermouth
Cucumber Bitters



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Alright mate, let me tell you about this lovely Watermelon Negroni. It's a right tasty twist on the classic Negroni cocktail, with a summery vibe that'll make you feel like you're on 'oliday.

First up, you've got the gin - but not just any gin - this one's from 58 Distillery. It's got a proper punch of botanical flavour, with a mix of herbs and spices that'll get your taste buds tingling.

Then you've got the Vittore vermouth - a sweet, aromatic wine that's flavoured with herbs, spices, and fruits. It gives the cocktail a subtle sweetness and complexity that balances out the bitterness of the Campari.

Ah yes, Campari - the classic Italian bitter liqueur. It's the star of the show in a Negroni, with its bold, bitter flavour that gives the cocktail its signature bite. But in this Watermelon Negroni, the sweetness of the watermelon juice helps to balance it out, creating a delicious and refreshing drink.

And of course, the watermelon juice - freshly blended from juicy, ripe watermelons. It adds a fruity sweetness that's perfect for sipping on a warm summer evening, just as the sun starts to go down before a late summer dinner.

A Negroni is an aperitif, which means it's perfect for drinking before a meal. The bitterness of the Campari helps to stimulate your appetite, while the sweetness of the watermelon juice and Vittore vermouth make it a refreshing and balanced drink to enjoy in the evening.

As the sun starts to go down, and you're getting ready for a late summer dinner, there's nothing better than sipping on a Watermelon Negroni to whet your appetite. Serve it up in a rocks glass with a slice of fresh watermelon or a twist of orange peel to garnish, and you'll be ready to tuck into a delicious meal in no time.

So there you have it - a Watermelon Negroni that's perfect for enjoying before dinner on a warm summer evening. Just remember to drink responsibly, or you might end up in a bit of a Barney Rubble. Cheers!

STYLE: Negroni
FLAVOUR: bittersweet, tropical, fresh, spiced
ABV: 20.8%
UNIT: 2.1
SIZE: 100ml
ALLERGENS: Sulphites

Chill for ½ hour, shake pouch. Pour over lots of ice in a rocks glass, garnish with a watermelon slice.

Pour the room temperature cocktail over some tiny cloudy ice you have in that ice tray that came with your freezer. But seriously, for optimum enjoyment use more ice than you think is necessary. 

Rocks Glass