colourful cocktails packaged in a cardboard box

First class cocktails, delivered to your letterbox

Plastic can suck it 

Our cocktails come in fully biodegradable pouches & zero plastic packaging

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What's the best part about cocktails?

Drinking them of course, but not the faff of making them. At Cocktails by Mail we have made it as simple as chill, pour, enjoy.

Every single drink is crafted with ingredients used in the world's best cocktail bars. We're proud of our liquid and only make cocktails we drink ourselves. 

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the Covfefe Martini is unbelievable...I really don't think we'd have been able to tell the difference between it and a freshly made one in a bar

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Cocktails By Mail is the BEST at home drinking experience ever. It’s like being at the Savoy or another swanky cocktail bar, but at home and in your pjs.

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The quality is remarkable, the ingredients and the mixing taste like a drink you would be thoroughly impressed with at a bar, let alone straight from your fridge! Makes my living room feel like a speakeasy

Ordering is easy as...

Mix & match any cocktails from our range

We post them to you in a slim box, designed to fit through your letterbox

Pop your drinks in the freezer, waiting to be poured when you are ready 

Give the gift of cocktails

Because you can't drink flowers!


Take a look at our ingredients, you won't find any artificial colourings or citric acid masqeurading as lemon juice because this isn't the '80s.

Free U.K. Tracked Delivery on orders over £15 (only £3.50 delivery for orders under)