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What's the best part about cocktails?

Drinking them of course, but not the faff of making them. At Cocktails by Mail I have made it as simple as chill, pour, enjoy.

Every drink is crafted with ingredients that help minimize their impact on our environment. I am proud of the ingredients and that's why I name every product I use.

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the Covfefe Martini is unbelievable...I really don't think we'd have been able to tell the difference between it and a freshly made one in a bar

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Cocktails By Mail is the BEST at home drinking experience ever. It’s like being at the Savoy or another swanky cocktail bar, but at home and in your pjs.

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The quality is remarkable, the ingredients and the mixing taste like a drink you would be thoroughly impressed with at a bar, let alone straight from your fridge! Makes my living room feel like a speakeasy

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I sent drinks to our team following a celebration event. Everyone raved about how tasty they were, how lovely they were packed, and how great it was to get such a treat in the post (instead of bills!).

Why choose Cocktails By Mail?

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The environment is at the heart of every business decision, from ingredients to packaging. Check out my Eco-Policy.

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The drinks are created from my experience in cocktail bars in New York & London. I've also worked with many spirit brands helping craft their signature cocktails.


I choose each ingredient for a balance of flavour & environmental impact. I am proud to use every ingredient, which is why I name them all and don't use generic terms like 'vodka'.


Give the gift of cocktails

because you can't drink flowers!

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Take a look at our ingredients, we proudly name all of the products we use.

Fresh ingredients, thoughtfully chosen, delicious cocktails.